I kept running away from Google, but it keeps coming

I found it amazing when Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5billion last year. It is a good communication hardware company. But I was wondering where that strategy is leading to. And now Google had just made another surprising move.

Lets take a look first at some of Google’s major assets that have touched almost everyone :

  • Android OS with hundreds of millions of users – used in popular Smartphones and Tablets around the world.
  • Google Search Engine – world’s biggest index controlling 60% of search traffic in US and even 90% in EU and other parts of the world.
  • You Tube – the world’s 2nd largest Search Engine, 3rd most visited site in the world, 700 billion playbacks, 14million hours of video. etc etc
  • Google Check-Out – one of the biggest e-commerce transaction gateway. It is linked with one of the biggest Software Market – Google Play.
  • Google Maps – having mapped most parts of the world, from satellite view, topology and to street level view.
  • Adwords – one of the world’s biggest online advertising agency – earning $28billion in 2010 alone.
  • Google Plus – one of the fastest rising Social Network, currently with over 400million users.

Now Google has gone further to reach everyone in it’s “communications” business, that totally caught me.

This one surprises me most – Google given a license for its Self-Driven car in Nevada and working to get more in other states.

Probably the next logical step would be launching it’s own satellite.

No matter how far I run away from Google, it keeps coming for me.

Bottomline : Google would be the best place to market products because of it’s wide audience and reach.

PS – Here are other possibilities :

– Google Airline on 100% autopilot

– Google Train System without tracks

– Google Self-Sailing Ship

– Special Google Bank Counters in every banks of the world, just like Western Union

– Google Islands in the middle of Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Pacific

– Google buying a part of Iceland, Angola and Myanmar

– Google Camps on the Moon and Venus

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