Change one thing, everything else gets better

In personal development, most people target various aspects of life. Here are some major ones that people are very concerned about :

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Image

Seeing the demand, the market started to offer all sorts of training programs. This has become a lucrative industry.

Many might have forgotten the core element that need improvement ahead of everything else, i.e. the Mindset. Even companies have neglected this in staff training programs. The mindset of a person is extremely powerful because it can impact other aspects of life – positively or negatively.

The right mindset will ease and quicken the way for improvements. The person takes ownership of his personal growth. He knows he’s responsible to transform himself into someone better, no one else can do it for him. Indeed, his life too will get better.

An unfortunate mindset are cluttered with false beliefs, narrow mindedness, bitterness, hopelessness, vague objectives and selfishness. Usually, he thinks himself as a victim. So whatever bad circumstances he happens to be in, must be someone else’s fault.

IMHO, for a person, an organization or a community to prosper , they will need to work on the mindset first.

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