Without VISION, there can be NO STRATEGY

Strategy is a magic word often mentioned by world leaders, politicians, marketers and army generals.  The word “strategy” sounded very strong and put many people at awe.

Then they make it even heavier, like : strategic thinking, strategic moves, strategic marketing, strategic plan, strategic development, strategic solutions, strategic this and that.

Strategy simply means -> the best way to achieve your targets or goals.

For a senior high school student who wants to be a doctor, he knows he has to take steps that would probably follow along these lines:

  • Go to school
  • Pass his exams with flying colours
  • Active in his co-curriculum
  • Get a scholarship if he needs one
  • Enter a Medical School
  • Become a trainee doctor
  • Graduate
  • Get his practice license.

The list contains his major steps or milestones. This list is his STRATEGY of becoming a doctor. Its a roadmap.

To reach every major level, there are things he needs to do. He needs to learn the best methods to excel in his studies. He  needs to schedule time for study and play.  We call this as ACTION PLANS in his strategy to reach another level.

Probably, the kid may have been inspired by a TV program or even an episode from his own life or from a person he look-up at as a role-model. This kid has a dream and its good to have one.

When a person visualizes himself of being in a better position than his current one, he is having a good DREAM. If he keeps his dreams ALIVE everyday, stay on track with his strategy and take actions, he will likely achieve it. Thats called a VISION.

With a VISION, you are inspired to list a set of major steps ( or strategy ) to reach your goals. Vision ENERGIZES us to take actions in order to arrive at each step or goal. We should place our energy around our VISION.


There are those who like finer things in life, like below.

Driving the latest Ultimate Driving Machine downtown. Then, having lunch with friends at a posh restaurant. On a day off, watching a favorite game from the VIP seat. Enjoying quality time with the family. At work, having a window facing a scenic skyline or a refreshing garden of blooming flowers.

And those seeking recognition in their visions.

Launching new products regularly. Having rows of fans, waiting for their autographs. Getting national awards. Gaining international recognitions. Invited to give speeches at conventions. Mentioned in many major blogs, ezines and articles.

There are people seeking better positions in their career.

They visualize themselves completing every assignment ABOVE EXPECTATION by employers and peers around them. They also see themselves getting better benefits  :

  • getting good bonuses and better perks
  • gaining more attention and respect at their workplace
  • getting more important projects
  • getting more enjoyable assignments
  • getting more important clients
  • going for overseas stints
  • getting promoted to better positions
  • enjoy talking about the exciting project
  • having more money in the bank
  • paying bills comfortably
  • getting more cheques than bills in their mails.

Do you have a VISION?

When you have a vision, then you are ready for STRATEGY.

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