What is Content?

Being in the field of content development for 2 decades, I came across several believes, philosophies, terms, systems, teams and tips regarding content. Some are rigid or regimented. Some are simply too fluid. I personally like the ones which are organic and evolving.

Before we go deeper, lets make a simple set of terms of reference.

What is content? Let me give some examples.

  • Google’s endless list of links after a search. Not the server.
  • The hot coffee and not the expensive cup.
  • The TV show and not the TV set.
  • The songs and not the CD.
  • Goods in a shop but not the shop.
  • The soup and not the can.
  • Articles in newpapers and NOT the paper.

Of course, content needs the medium to support and deliver but the medium isn’t the reason we buy things. We buy a can of soup for the soup and not for the can.

The difference between content and medium is very clear now. So lets see the most important factor related to content.

Contents are for whom? Our audience.

  • Our Clients
  • Our Fans
  • Our Staff
  • Our Bosses
  • Our Subordinates
  • Our Partners
  • Our Vendors
  • Our Contractors
  • Our Marketeers
  • Our Trainees
  • Our Viewers
  • Our Listeners

Yup. These people can give us the break we need or break us into several pieces. So, they are very important to us. No exception. In business or at work, content is always about satisfying our audience. We must factor them when creating content.

As content developers, we are at the receiving end.
As the saying goes, ” We reap what we sow. “.

Very challenging career, isn’t it?

Lets recap.

1. Know the difference between content and medium aka channels.

2. Our audience is THE MOST important factor in content creation.

3. We reap what we sow.

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