The First Step To Redesign Your Life – Version 2.0

Redeseign Your Life Version 2.0 in 4 monthsProbably you’re familiar with the phrase, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”. It’s often mentioned by self-help gurus for the past few years. I’ve been ignoring it as just another cliche floating around that will die out.

When I heard it again last week, it struck me. I had to stop and think. After some reflection from my past experience, it seems to make sense.

How you do anything, is how you do everything” is referring to our natural habits in handling our daily affairs, challenges and situations. Here are some activities that are usually touched by our habits :

  • how we perform our work,
  • how we arrange things,
  • how we resolve problems,
  • how we make decisions,
  • how we study,
  • how we deal with our children,
  • how we complete our chores,
  • and etc.

Some habits help us produce splendid accomplishments. But some are quite destructive to our personal and professional life.

If we’re so used to procrastinating in our personal life, very likely we’ll do the same in our career. If we’re sloppy at work, probably we’d be sloppy everywhere else. If we’re hasty in making decisions, we tend to be hasty in many things. If we often have conflicts with family and friends, chances are we’ll have conflicts in other areas of our life.

We are a creature of habit

Research had shown that, anything we do, think or say everyday for 66 days, will become our habit. Those habits will manifest itself in things we do in future. It becomes our pattern. The pattern sticks with us where ever we go and in everything we do. Pattern doesn’t lie. It projects us for what we are. People tend to recognize patterns in others. Outcomes are predictable – positive or negative, mediocre or excellent., halfway or all the way.

Surprisingly, some people still wonder why opportunities eludes them or why their relationship sucks. Why things are not going the way they like. They get sucked into VICTIM mentality. Blaming everyone and everything else except themselves. They failed to realize, it could be their own habits that are causing the circumstances they’re in .

Be honest to ourselves. Are we holding on to a pattern that is not doing us any favour? Do we want to do something about it?

Fortunately, if we can form bad habits, we can also form good habits

At this point, some readers may agree that better habits may help improve their situations. It makes good sense to nurture them.

Here, we are not recommending breaking any habit. If it has been with us for many, many years, it is difficult. So we’re not doing that. We want to override old habits with new ones. This is NOT easier said than done. It is really possible to achieve.

Personal Growth Experts, such as Robin Sharma and Harv Ekker, highly recommend nurturing keystone habits. Together, these habits form a strong foundation for positive changes. They act like containers to make it easier for us grow more good habits. It will modify our habitual patterns – thinking, expressions, actions and reactions.

Below are recommended sets of steps to grow new habits. They may look simple but very potent. Try it. It will not hurt you in any way. Don’t rush it. Consistency is key. It will lead you to a gradual change without any heavy lifting.

  1. First month – when you wake up :
    • Sit and relax.
    • Take 10 deep breathes. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth
    • Do simple stretching
    • Make your bed
    • Drink a glass of warm water
  2. Add this set in the Second month – after breakfast :
    • the first thing you do is to learn something new and useful
    • reserve 30 minutes to 1 hour for this
    • read from books or articles ( no videos )
    • no news, no messages, no emails during this time
  3. Add this set in the Third month – before you sleep :
    • clear all the dishes and get the trash out
    • write a simple plan of 3 main things you want to accomplish tomorrow in a journal
    • reserve 30 minutes to learn something new and useful
    • lie down and take 10 deep breathes. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth
  4. Add this set in the Fourth month – after work :
    • do Interval Exercise for 8 to 16 minutes ( check out Tabata from videos )
    • compare what you’ve accomplished with what you’ve planned in a journal
    • make notes in your journal about your day
    • gradually re-arrange clutters at home and throw out what you no longer use
  5. Add more sets of new habits on your own.

Results are not typical. For different people, results would be different.

The habits you’re forming above through the steps can help you :

  • improve health
  • refresh the mind
  • build discipline
  • increase focus
  • gain new knowledge
  • have better sleep
  • boost energy
  • and of course, gain more positive habits

You may notice a growing sense of discipline, willpower and optimism in you. Your friends, associates and peers will notice the positive change in you. You’re redesigning your life to a newer and better version – Version 2.0

Studies have shown that successful people are fanatical about these 3 things :

  • They take care of their health
  • They love learning new knowledge
  • They sleep well

For those who want to start redesigning their life, always remember this valuable phrase, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.“. Start trailblazing forward in 4 Months.

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