Snowballing Personal Development

We may have heard about or came across some people who have transformed their lives completely. They were messed up earlier but now are enjoying lives that many people envy.

They flourish and thrive in many aspects of their lives – health, wealth, education, career, skills, happiness, relationships and more. They were unstoppable. We can’t even see any signs of stress in them. Among them, some became active philanthropist for social causes.

They have successfully transformed every facets of their lives and grew very prosperous.

How did they do it?

It is not by pure luck. Their secret is the snowball effect, aka momentum. And that momentum must have started from somewhere.

That starting point is the desire for change. What triggers them to seek change can be many ( a topic to be covered soon in another article ). With a desire to change their situation, they made a conscious decision of picking one aspect of life to improve first.

All their efforts and resources were focused for that purposeful change alone. They stayed focused throughout by not allowing distractions to divert their attention. During the process of reaching their first goal, they have had lots of experience (some good and some bad), used tools (some useful and some useless) and learnt values (some great and some baseless).

After the first aspect improved at a level they wanted, they celebrated that accomplishment. It won’t take them too long to aim for the next one. This one became much easier for them. Based on earlier experience, they would apply better strategies, use better tools and commit to better values. On this second run, results came quicker and less stressful.

At this stage they are very excited, motivated and energized to improve the next meaningful aspect of life. They know the next one will become easier to achieve. They can implement even better strategies, methods and tools. From here on, they progressed forward steadier and faster.

That’s what I called as the Snowballing Personal Development. Pick one to work on, and get lucky in the next and the next one after that. What a way to reinvent and transform self.

Let’s end this article with a quote, “The harder we work, the smarter we become and the luckier we get.”

P.S. – I hate the plural of life. Really wanted to use lifes, instead of lives.

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