I am in the business of content strategy and development for companies wishing to educate their targeted audience, effectively.

The audience could be customers, vendors, contractors, employees, marketers, distributors, students, associates, partners, potential investors or philanthropists.

Each communication may have internal objectives such as — creating a corporate culture, winning a bid, giving a project brief, informing new requirements, building capacity, resolving issues, selling an idea, improving services and etc. External objectives could be awareness campaigns, promoting products, branding, acquiring funds, improving services, for a social cause and many more.

To educate your audience effectively, content should have these characteristics :

  • Ideas presented in such a way that most audience could understand almost immediately.
  • Complex matters are presented in simplified concepts
  • Content flow smoothly from header-to-header, paragraph-to-paragraph and from page-to-page.
  • Relevant elements — video, animations, sound, graphics or photographs — should be used wisely
  • Easy to navigate and referenced
  • Highlight your unique values
  • Makes the audience feel good

Skip Everything In This Page, But Don’t Skip This Paragraph

Organizations spent (and continue to spend) a great amount of time and resources developing their products, services or ideas. Organizations should also spend their resources inspiring their audience.

The First Step

I must understand your products, services and communications objectives  I need to know your intended audience. I will listen to your product briefing and browse through materials made available to me such as — brochures, web sites, presentations, research papers and etc. Then we usually need a Q & A session.

The Next Important Steps

Once I have got a firm idea of your needs, I would start gathering some market insights. I must understand your products and services. I must have a basic perception about your strengths and uniqueness against the rest.

I would then be drafting possible strategies for your communications objectives. These first set of strategies will be presented to you or your appointed team. I expect a series of dialogues to occur. This process may need a few sessions in order to get the best strategy.

After everyone is comfortable and satisfied, I would present the final strategy. At this point, the proposal should be endorsed so that it can be executed immediately.

Important Development Policy

To produce content, we use only original software and materials as well as royalty-free elements. There will be no copyright infringements. My team members are copywriters, graphic artistes, animators, videographers, trainers and musicians.

The End Product

The Final Content may come in various formats — depending on your needs, audience, delivery channels and budget.

The content could be for Press Releases, Brochures, Blog Articles, Social Media Updates, Proposals, Presentations, Web sites, Internal Training Programs, Internal Announcement Board, Interval Network TV, Internal Network Applications, Broadcast TV, Conferences, Campaigns and Expositions.

The files could in any or a suitable mixture of the following delivery formats :

  • Printed – Books, Booklet, Manuals, Flyers, Brochures, Backdrops
  • Computer files – Powerpoints, PDF, Doc, Txt
  • Applications  – Software, Exe, Android
  • Auto Play CD/DVD
  • Flash Files
  • Web-based Files
  • Animation
  • Image Files
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files

Contact me at : azmanar [at] gmail dot com