Quicken Your Projects

One of the best and easiest way to make money is by providing solutions to problems faced by entrepreneurs, enterprises and all sorts of organizations.

And one of the easiest and fastest way to UNDERSTAND their problems and DEVELOP SOLUTIONS for them is by mind-mapping.

IMHO, the best mind-mapping tool to kick-start with is a pen and several pieces of blank papers. Then after we finished discussions, later back at the hotel, re-plot the issues visually using good old Open Office Impress or MS PowerPoint!

That same PowerPoint file will be used to visualize concepts and solutions. The file will later be the presentation to the audience in meeting room projectors. 90% successful.

OLD SCHOOL way of mind-mapping, yet EVERGREEN because it still works for me for not-so-complex jobs ( which does not necessarily mean small $$$$$ ).

I’m saying that based on my experience. Other people may have their own unique experiences and may not agree with me.

For very complex jobs, I have tested many Mind-Mapping software, including the rather expensive Tony Buzan’s. Out of all those free and paid ones in the market, I’d recommend only 2 to friends here :

1. NOVAMIND – an Australian product. You can present your ideas well with multimedia and awesome graphics to your audience. It has a built-in presenter. Files can be exported to MS formats and share with other mind-map software. An advanced version is linked to project management tools.

2. SmartDraw – an American product. They have hundreds of mind-map templates for whatever industry or event imaginable for you to use. Makes life so much easier because it makes work finished faster. Also can link to Project Management tools. Socially share your maps according to rights and groups you set – FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

If you’re serious about quickening your projects, then download and test-drive both.

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