Out There In The Open and Naked

Be worried…. be very worried. You’re basically NAKED, out in the OPEN. It’s the hazards of mixing Cafe Culture with the Internet. You’re forewarned.

Check out this video and see how people steal your usernames and passwords in Cafes. They can then hijack your email accounts and web servers. And that may happen while you’re enjoying coffee, donuts and cakes.

This video and a lot more can be viewed at this awesome web site : www.HAK5.org

So, what’s really naked are the data that pass through the sniffed-spoofed-hacked networks. That’ll include user names, passwords, emails, messages, chat and etc.

Hackers need only 3 tools and 3 minutes to spoof and sniff everyone on the network.
-> Default Command Prompt
-> Cain & Abel
-> Ethereal

More About Benefits of VPN & How To Select One

There are dozens more spoofing and cracking software in the market – EASILY AVAILABLE and FREE. We can’t solve this instantly as there are no software to stop that. So we’d better have better protection when using any WIFI and company networks.

Luckily most online transactions are done over HTTPS / SSL. So we’re quite safe during that time. But the issue is when our email accounts were breached by intruders. When that happens, intruders can retrieve our sensitive data. That’ll include our usernames, passwords, bills, transaction records and many more.

One way to avoid such breaches is by encrypting our data that travel to and from our PC. This is where subscribing to Virtual Private Networks would do us all a great favour.

Let me share some benefits of having VPNs:
1. Your data to and from your PC are encrypted – sniffers can intercept but can’t read instantly
2. Strong encryption – tough to crack, may take several months to years
3. You surf anonymously
4. You can visit sites and use apps that are blocked by ISPs
5. Protection against intruders who steals sensitive data from email accounts

There are scores of VPN providers around the world. Some very good, some limited and some sucks big time.

So consider these set of points when choosing a VPN Provider:

1. Security Level :

Make sure they use openVPN technology, great encryption technology, use shared IP addresses, not logging users-to-ip, and not logging surfing history.

2.  Speed Level :

VPN will definitely reduce surfing speed. Strangely some did enhanced the speed of movie streaming, without much buffering. Because of popularity and low prices, some VPN providers are clogged. They oversell even without upgrading their bandwidth to cater for more users. The only to check this out, is to check market reviews.

3. User-friendly :

Most VPNs require you to download a software to easily connect with their servers. It should be light, will not hang and will recommend you with a choice of server locations.

4. Server Locations :

The more server locations, the better. That means more IP numbers and more coverage. This way, if your assigned VPN IPs are blocked by certain countries, you can easily switch to other locations which are not blocked. This was, you’re covered anywhere you go in the world. Definitely avoid ones with only 1 country server location.

5. Support :

They will support you until your VPN software are fully configured and tested. They must be responsive within 8 hours of your inquiries. Start off testing them for 1 month to 3 months.

6. Monthly Cost :

The price varies a lot. Avoid the cheap ones. The good range would be US$10 to US$20 a month. Usually they give good discount for longer payments even upto 40%. Look for coupon codes on the Internet before you hit the pay button. And only choose the ones that accept PayPal. You can easily unsubscribe them via PayPal, whenever they suck.


There are a lot of reviews about VPN providers on the internet. Do not rely your decision from only 1 review site. Check out at least 3 review sites. See the patterns what people are complaining about providers. Watch out for 3 main things and totally avoid the ones having them even after they’ve passed the 6 points above :

-> Payment Issues – like overcharging

-> Lethargic Support – unresponsive

-> Fraudulent Credit Card charges – usually by untrustworthy staff


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