Let’s Dissect A Typical Phishing Scam Email – This time AMAZON

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While the above looks innocent enough from AMAZON.COM, what made me dissect this email was when I hovered the AMAZON link. It is not going to AMAZON but going to an Indian porn server, which may host malicious code streaming app waiting for preys.

This is definitely a Phishing Scam.

The IP address was from someone in France in the city of Lomme, Nord Du Calais, bordering Belgium. He was probably using a VPN hosted in UK to log on to Yahoo.com in US, where he sent this SCAM email to me.

Let’s take a look at the Email Header below and dissect it. It clearly showed the email was a forgery and NOT FROM AMAZON.
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Scam Email Header

Scammers Exact location

Scammers Exact location where he used a PC there to logon to a UK VPN server

The Scammer's Yahoo Mail in US

The Scammer's Yahoo Mail in US from where he sent the scam email.

Scammer's Originating IP

Scammer's Originating IP

































So, stay safe and be alert. Follow 2 basic precautionary measures stated in this post.

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