It’s A Jungle Out There

Everyday, we are being inundated with information coming from newspapers, newsletters, emails, spams, mails, junkmails, journals, books, magazines, web sites, TV Shows, video shows, radio shows, events, billboards, directories, software, presentations, reports and etc.

It’s a very huge track of alphanumeric jungle with steep mountains of text. When the sentence-rain pours down, we’re being deluged with mud flows of words. Its catastrophic for people looking for useful info.

Writers tried very hard to get their message across to readers. Many are successful because they are responsible writers. But many more failed miserably to get their message across.

I’m no writer, but as a reader, I do know what I want. I want useful stuffs to read – EASY TO READ, RECALL and UNDERSTAND.

So give the KING (content) a KISS.

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