Is Business A Battlefield?

Some people proudly paraphrased Sun Tzu by saying “Business is a battlefield. Your competitors are your enemies.”.

To me, paraphrasing what exactly Sun Tzu meant about war for marketing is rather misleading.

Marketing is not war. It is competing for attention in the market. It is not about pushing your competitor to the ground and making him close shop. It is crude, selfish and heartless.

The philosophy of “Marketing = War” also goes against new universal principle of growth by creation, collaboration and networking. Companies applying this principle have grown enormously – Amazon, Ali Baba, Facebook, Linked-In, AirBnB and many more.

Another marketing principle that I cannot swallow is Guerilla Marketing.

Guerilla Marketing is simply coercion and manipulation. This method do not build respect nor brand, It brings regret that we had bought things we don’t need.

One-off buys and definitely no repeat buys. I’d run away once I see such vendors coming my way. Frightening thugs. But if they pushed too much, they’d be greeted with a shout.

Such method belongs to the streets in countries where people are desperate for their survival. They would do anything.

Very unethical, selfish, shameless and undignified where MONEY-MAKING is more important than value and civility. The impact of which, will corrupt other aspects of their lifes.

The secret of great Marketing and Repeat Buys are = BUILDING TRUST and DELIVERING MESSAGES CLEARLY.

If you have those 2 above, you don’t have to go to war and kill enemies nor be a guerilla and make buyers your enemies. You have a peaceful market, yet growing tremendously bigger and faster.

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