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In this post, I would like to share what I’ve learned from more than 25 years of experience in the field of content strategy and development. My activities involve working with content delivery channels, i.e., Television, the Internet, telco networks, print media and expositions.

I’ve worked for the most successful private television station in Malaysia. My major contributions were in the strategic content development for local broadcast and international distributions.

The merging of multimedia technologies happened so fast, we are left very far behind with lack of content. Its time for Developers to focus on development and avoid time wasting distractions.

Run-arounds, Confusions And Distractions

We, developers, have been so busy accommodating technologies until we forgot the real reasons on why the technologies were offered in the first place.

We buy technology products ( software, device and network ) for 3 main purposes :
1. Enable the development of content
2. Enable the distribution of content
3. Enable the delivery of content to users

We haven’t even stabilize ourselves with the set of technology we acquired few months back, yet we’re already overwhelmed with new juicy ones that kept coming. We are excited of course, but this doesn’t help. It makes us busier managing the technologies instead of being busy with our priorities – developing content and managing them.

Technology Should Serve Us And Our Audience, Not The Other Way Round

In other words, the market is in a frenzy making money in selling devices and we got sucked into it. We have been so distracted that content development has taken a second place. We are so out of time that we began to deliver lower than expected quality content to our users. Users move on to other content providers. Results -> Technology Providers Win, We Lose.

Let’s Skip The Fresh Techno Bluff

To make a long story short, I’ll sum it up here in 3 short sentences:
1. The content market is offering too much fluff and short of real stuff ( quality content )
2. This situation however, represents lots of opportunities for developers
3. We need more developers applying strategic development approach and we need them fast.

Here are other insights to fast-track Quality Content Development. Articles will grow everyday. The current categories are :
1. My Views – some rant and some perspectives
2. Dev Guide & Tools – guides that helps content creation and tools we need
3. Tips : Marketing – how to bring audience to our websites, expos, expos, TV Programs
4. Tips : Writing – how to start writing and use it to our advantage
5. Tips : General – anything that helps and bring benefits
6. Video : Interesting – videos that caught my eyes, especially the ones with good concepts

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