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Better Safe Than Sorry

Word Press is becoming ever popular among IM’ers. Some IM’ers even own hundreds of WP sites each. What’s worrying right now is the increasing number of hacking and hijacking incidents. So what can we do about these threats? To be clear, here are the obvious differences between HACKED and HIJACKED. Hacked – the landing page of a web site was illegally changed by a hacker with his own messages. The … Continue Reading

Let’s Dissect A Typical Phishing Scam Email – This time AMAZON

This is a continuity from an earlier post. To fully understand this example, please read that post first.                                       While the above looks innocent enough from AMAZON.COM, what made me dissect this email was when I hovered the AMAZON link. It is not going to AMAZON but going to an Indian porn … Continue Reading

Out There In The Open and Naked

Be worried…. be very worried. You’re basically NAKED, out in the OPEN. It’s the hazards of mixing Cafe Culture with the Internet. You’re forewarned. Check out this video and see how people steal your usernames and passwords in Cafes. They can then hijack your email accounts and web servers. And that may happen while you’re enjoying coffee, donuts and cakes. This video and a lot more can be viewed at … Continue Reading

Lets Stay Safe Against Email Scams

Most of us love putting food on the table from honest work. But some people enjoy stealing and scamming others. And they are not easy to deal with. Even karma won’t stop them from continuing their scamming ways because it is lucrative. Scammers have victimized millions of bank account holders using similar modus operandi around the world. Nowadays scammers can fake about everything including Caller IDs, SMS, referrer addresses and … Continue Reading