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Bolster Your Brain Power – naturally

The most worrying diseases as people grow older are Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Cancers, Diabetes, Heart issues & Kidney problems. They are cell degenerative diseases caused by aging and over-eating. To prevent and cure such diseases, Dr Mark Mattson (National Institute of Health USA) recommends FASTING. Good to fast at least twice a month. He recommends twice a week for FASTING to be effective. Interestingly, he also discovered that FASTING bolsters … Continue Reading

Out There In The Open and Naked

Be worried…. be very worried. You’re basically NAKED, out in the OPEN. It’s the hazards of mixing Cafe Culture with the Internet. You’re forewarned. Check out this video and see how people steal your usernames and passwords in Cafes. They can then hijack your email accounts and web servers. And that may happen while you’re enjoying coffee, donuts and cakes. This video and a lot more can be viewed at … Continue Reading

This is Creativity

Imagine the preplanning involved in producing Just For Laughs clips. Getting unsuspecting REAL people involved LIVE into the recording requires careful coordination, without causing any harm and offense. Bottomline … each clip has to be enjoyable for viewers as well as fun for “victims” of the pranks.

THE Alternative To PayPal ?

This is probably a long shot, if you’re looking for Payment Alternatives. But you might want to take a look because HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are already using it. They call it complementary currency as well as ” OPEN SOURCE CURRENCY “. Don’t miss this video, produced by Wall Street Journal. More resources here at