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What I really need to know in Internet Marketing

The first thing I need to know is ” AM I SERIOUS ABOUT INTERNET MARKETING? “. And if I’m serious, someone may advice that I need a plan and act on it. This is fine. How about an effective plan? Not just any typical plan. Where can I get it? Here is this thing. We need to refer to Best Business Practices. From where? From Super Affiliates. Learn from the … Continue Reading

10 Basic Terms in Email Marketing

Out of so many terms in Email Marketing, these are 10 basic ones that most IM’ers use: Whitelists Most email systems will enable an auto-filter to send emails to the inbox or to the spam box. In many cases, a person who had just submitted their info via opt-in forms, may receive their first autoresponder message right in the spam box. So it is important to provide a warning about … Continue Reading

Multimedia Going To Reign Over New Media

So where are we heading to in the Internet? . Video is getting easier to produce. More and more people are getting into it. It is going to be explosive. Don’t be left behind. . Listen to this interview. Holiday Season : Great Deals on Office Furniture, Supplies, Electronics and Software

Don’t Dismiss Video Marketing So Soon

Last year, there were 20 hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute. Is it getting crowded and you’ve got no chance to compete? . Don’t dismiss Video Marketing just yet. . The importance of Video Marketing and the amazing opportunities were highlighted by Greg Jarobe in last year’s SEMPO ( Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization Conference ). Greg Jarobe, co-founder of SEO-PR and author of “YouTube Marketing – An … Continue Reading