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Looking For The Right Words?

No More Bad Grammar and Typos - White Smoke - Content Strategy & Content Development

So you’ve decided to use English in launching and marketing your products across the globe. All materials must be written in English – articles, video presentations, online slides, web pages, downloadable brochures, press releases, invitation letters, faxes and emails. Hiring a copywriter would be expensive, if you’re a start-up. When enquiries start pouring in from prospects via emails and faxes, you need to respond immediately. You don’t have much time. … Continue Reading

Want to pull visitors to read your articles?

The most important part of an article is the INTRO. It can pull or push visitors. . Learn how to Write a compelling intro to an article, in just slightly over 1 minute. The video is presented by John Graden, the author of The Impostor Syndrome. He writes for hundreds of magazines and author of 7 books. Holiday Season : Great Deals on Office Furniture, Supplies, Electronics and Software