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THE Alternative To PayPal ?

This is probably a long shot, if you’re looking for Payment Alternatives. But you might want to take a look because HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are already using it. They call it complementary currency as well as ” OPEN SOURCE CURRENCY “. Don’t miss this video, produced by Wall Street Journal. More resources here at

Great Videos On Sales Techniques and Strategy

Hi, I grabbed some useful videos about sales strategy and how to produce the right results. These video guides will give you valuable insights about sales. Very suitable for anyone running a business, a member of a sales team as well as for students who are planning their career in sales. Very lively presentations and interviews of successful people in all sorts of businesses. Don’t miss them. Loading from… … Continue Reading

I kept running away from Google, but it keeps coming

I found it amazing when Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5billion last year. It is a good communication hardware company. But I was wondering where that strategy is leading to. And now Google had just made another surprising move. Lets take a look first at some of Google’s major assets that have touched almost everyone : Android OS with hundreds of millions of users – used in popular Smartphones and … Continue Reading

6 Key Features To Overcome Panda and Penguin Updates

Thousands of IM’ers were hit by Panda update several months ago. Now thousands more got hit by the most recent Google update -Penguin. What is PENGUIN update about? This new algo update is directed by Google to 3 main things: 1. Webspam – Over-Optimized Pages, misused keywords and Keyword Stuffing using invisible text 2. Backlinking Schemes – Linking from blog networks with intent to game Google for higher ranking. 3. … Continue Reading