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Bolster Your Brain Power – naturally

The most worrying diseases as people grow older are Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Cancers, Diabetes, Heart issues & Kidney problems. They are cell degenerative diseases caused by aging and over-eating. To prevent and cure such diseases, Dr Mark Mattson (National Institute of Health USA) recommends FASTING. Good to fast at least twice a month. He recommends twice a week for FASTING to be effective. Interestingly, he also discovered that FASTING bolsters … Continue Reading

Content Strategy & Development

In this post, I would like to share what I’ve learned from more than 25 years of experience in the field of content strategy and development. My activities involve working with content delivery channels, i.e., Television, the Internet, telco networks, print media and expositions. I’ve worked for the most successful private television station in Malaysia. My major contributions were in the strategic content development for local broadcast and international distributions. … Continue Reading

CDN – Content Delivery Network At A Glance For Video/Audio Deliveries

Let me share what I understand about CDN. I’ll highlight features from a user’s point-of-view. This may help you decide on the kind of CDN suitable for your content delivery. The focus will be more on the right CDN service providers for video and audio deliveries. CDN = Content Delivery Network. A CDN helps bring our content to our users ( visitors ) from the CDN’s nearest caching server ( … Continue Reading

Without VISION, there can be NO STRATEGY

Strategy is a magic word often mentioned by world leaders, politicians, marketers and army generals.  The word “strategy” sounded very strong and put many people at awe. Then they make it even heavier, like : strategic thinking, strategic moves, strategic marketing, strategic plan, strategic development, strategic solutions, strategic this and that. Strategy simply means -> the best way to achieve your targets or goals. For a senior high school student who wants to be a doctor, he … Continue Reading