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Best Apps For iPhone and iPad

best iphone ipad Apps - content strategy & development

One of the best iPad & iPhone guide to have fun and be productive It can be a concierge, camera, flashlight, game console, magazine, photo editor, panorama maker, note taker, travel planner, radio, bookstore, night-sky guide, GPS, music player, music maker, and plenty more…if only you could figure out which of the 250,000 (and counting) apps to put on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. Author Glenn Fleishman set … Continue Reading

The BackChannel – How Participants Talk About You

Back Channel - How Twitter & Facebook Changed Presenttion

What’s going on in here? Ask yourself this question. Check your facts before you climb the stage and present them to the crowds. Here is what’s going on nowadays during presentations. Be aware. Armed with laptops and smartphones, audiences today are no longer sitting quietly taking notes during live presentations. Instead, they’re carving out a new space in the room called the backchannel, where people are online searching for resources, … Continue Reading

How To Do Article Spinning And Article Marketing ~ The Right Way!

Author: Mike Karrast Once you have performed any research on the subject of article marketing, you have likely come across article spinning and the hordes of awful software programs offered. You also have probably observed many advocates on both sides of the issue. . So naturally there are writers who promote article spinning & those who think it’s invalid or a waste of time. The fact is that it depends … Continue Reading

Article Marketing Tips For Better Results

Author : Brice Mewes Article: Article marketing is an easy approach to publish articles in order to promote your business. It’s a proven model that has been successfully used for years, and thousands of marketers still heavily rely on it. Please continue on and discover some proven suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your article marketing CPA Renegade Review. What you’ll be doing with your articles is actually warming your … Continue Reading