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2 Types of Highly Influential People

In our lifetime, we may have interacted with thousands of people face-to-face. They could be our family, friends, peers at work or college and people at social or business functions. With the entrance of Social Media, we get connected with thousands more. Among online “friends”, many we may have never met before or never will. During┬áthe course of our interactions, together we share ideas, views, thoughts, beliefs and values. We … Continue Reading

The difference between Listening & Hearing

Can you tell the difference between LISTENING and HEARING? Let’s discuss. Below is my opinion. Listening requires focus, attention and patience. Listening needs effort. The outcome of listening is understanding more of what was being said by the person. The person who is speaking to you will appreciate that you are actually listening. Listening usually creates comfort and over time will create trust. Hearing requires no effort, no attention and … Continue Reading

Epic Results

        Apply the principle proposed by Henry Ford in your biz activities, you’ll get amazing results. quicker outcomes, higher productivity, better performance, greater efficiency, lesser stress, lesser wastage, greater satisfaction more fun  

Spark Social Harmony By Learning Another Language

Hi, Here’s my story and help me to trigger a Social Movement if you can. Everlasting good karma for you. I grew up in Malaysia where 3 major races live, study and work together. We have different mother tongues, we look very different from each other, we eat different food, we profess different religion but we could enjoy each other’s company. We trust and respect each other. But things have … Continue Reading