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Do-It-Yourself Music – Royalty Free – The Easy Way

Do-It-Yourself Music Creation - Acid Music Studio 8 - Content Strategy & Development

More and more people are getting into Web Videos – YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and etc. It could be for fun, training, marketing, exposure or other serious reasons. And you will notice that many of them are using copyrighted music as background sound. Other than being illegal, some of the music just don’t fit well with the video content. It doesn’t sync at all. So Let’s Produce Our Own Music You … Continue Reading

Capture Your Audience With The Magic of Video

Magix Movie Edit Pro2 - Content Strategy & Development

I’ve been using MAGIX for my multimedia presentation projects ( with video elements ) for quite a while. 5 years at least. I like the ease of use – very user friendly, very stable and multiple functions. Easy import and export to common video formats. Plenty of effects to choose from. Quick rendering of completed projects. And if you have stacks of VHS cassettes in your library keeping special moments … Continue Reading

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Business Plan Pro - Content Strategy & Development

Yup. We kept hearing “Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail”. It is so true in every business. Even if you’re a college student, this rule applies. Here’s the kind of tool that will help businesses to plan well. After you finished doing your plans, you will feel good, relieved and OPTIMISTIC. When you go about seeking for seed capital or loans, your plans made from this tool will generate … Continue Reading

Give Life To Your Presentation

PowerSlides Pro Powerpoint Backgrounds - Content Strategy & development

I do lots of presentations papers for companies and organizations. At times I had to do live presentations on their behalf. Other than CONTENT, usually the audience would appreciate presentations with a touch of finesse. It makes them comfortable and create a sense of confidence towards the presenter. They are not taken for granted and you look good too. Impress your audience with nice PowerPoint backgrounds. You may find this … Continue Reading