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The Ultimate Confusion On Payment Solutions

Probably you’ve already read how risky PayPal is. People have been suggesting lots of alternatives. I’m confused and a bit worried about all these. PayPal has been pretty good to online communities. But recently, it is not in favour of recurring payments. Too many incidents of accounts being frozen or closed for IM’ers with membership-based biz model. I dread the day when its my turn. wheww… So I dig further … Continue Reading

The Source For Quality Content -> QUICKLY

Watch the video and see how you can shorten your time in searching for the right content. With, I’m always saving lots of time, money and effort to get that creative juice. Whatever my subject may be for that moment of time, I will find interesting and related content I need. I use StumbleUpon quite often in my projects. My clients do wonder where the hell do I get … Continue Reading

Looking For The Right Words?

No More Bad Grammar and Typos - White Smoke - Content Strategy & Content Development

So you’ve decided to use English in launching and marketing your products across the globe. All materials must be written in English – articles, video presentations, online slides, web pages, downloadable brochures, press releases, invitation letters, faxes and emails. Hiring a copywriter would be expensive, if you’re a start-up. When enquiries start pouring in from prospects via emails and faxes, you need to respond immediately. You don’t have much time. … Continue Reading

Get Ideas From The 3D World

NEED FRESH IDEAS FOR YOUR PROJECTS? . Sometimes we faced “creators” block and cannot move faster than we could. We’re just short of ideas to move on in our projects. What’s worse is, when the deadline is getting closer and closer. THE BOSS is uneasy and kept asking us on the progress. He kept reminding us the deadline. Our job could be on the line. The tension is just so … Continue Reading