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Quicken Your Projects

One of the best and easiest way to make money is by providing solutions to problems faced by entrepreneurs, enterprises and all sorts of organizations. And one of the easiest and fastest way to UNDERSTAND their problems and DEVELOP SOLUTIONS for them is by mind-mapping. IMHO, the best mind-mapping tool to kick-start with is a pen and several pieces of blank papers. Then after we finished discussions, later back at … Continue Reading

What is Content?

Being in the field of content development for 2 decades, I came across several believes, philosophies, terms, systems, teams and tips regarding content. Some are rigid or regimented. Some are simply too fluid. I personally like the ones which are organic and evolving. Before we go deeper, lets make a simple set of terms of reference. What is content? Let me give some examples. Google’s endless list of links after … Continue Reading

This is Creativity

Imagine the preplanning involved in producing Just For Laughs clips. Getting unsuspecting REAL people involved LIVE into the recording requires careful coordination, without causing any harm and offense. Bottomline … each clip has to be enjoyable for viewers as well as fun for “victims” of the pranks.

THE Alternative To PayPal ?

This is probably a long shot, if you’re looking for Payment Alternatives. But you might want to take a look because HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people are already using it. They call it complementary currency as well as ” OPEN SOURCE CURRENCY “. Don’t miss this video, produced by Wall Street Journal. More resources here at