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So What’s The KISS Like?

KISS is short for Keep It Simple & Stupid. May also mean, Keep It Simple & Short or Keep It Short & Sharp. KISS refers to: * Text * FLOW * Supporting Elements * Layout TEXT WITH THE KISS Ideas, concepts and messages are delivered in many formats such as in books, magazine, proposals, brochures, web sites, emails, presentations, video, audio and etc. Unfortunately, some articles are written like I’m … Continue Reading

SO…You Want To KISS

Hi, I’m Azmanar. Just call me Mann, if it is easier to pronounce and recall. Lets talk about KISS. KISS ??? Yes, KISS. * Keep It Simple and Stupid. * Keep It Simple and Short. * Keep It Short and Sharp. Yes, those are all the kisses that I like. * I only read books, journals, web sites, emails, proposals, reports which have the KISS in it. * I only … Continue Reading

It’s A Jungle Out There

Everyday, we are being inundated with information coming from newspapers, newsletters, emails, spams, mails, junkmails, journals, books, magazines, web sites, TV Shows, video shows, radio shows, events, billboards, directories, software, presentations, reports and etc. It’s a very huge track of alphanumeric jungle with steep mountains of text. When the sentence-rain pours down, we’re being deluged with mud flows of words. Its catastrophic for people looking for useful info. Writers tried … Continue Reading