We welcome advertisers at first come first served basis.

Space available :

  • Rotating Banner – 468 x 100 banner at website mass head
  • Static Thumbnail – 125 x 125 at right sidebar of website
  • Banner On Page – 468 x 200 at the bottom of selected page
  • Banner On Post – 468 x 200 at the bottom of selected post
  • Text Links – at the right sidebar of website
  • CPA Submit Email Form – on a page or post in this site

Please provide the graphics & images. Animated GIFs are ok. Please optimize graphics and images to allow faster user download on their web browser.

Advertisement can be hyperlinked, which opens another page in a website owned by Advertisers. Please provide the hyperlinks. Link codes should be HTML only, not encrypted and clearly shows the address of the landing page. It is a good SEO practice to have “alternate” text in the link.

Duration : 14 days per ad. Can be renewed every 14 days. If you prefer 28 days, please inform early. Please use Google Analytics or other Analytics Service Providers to monitor click-throughs. You can get an account at www.google.com/analytics or simply use AWSTATS in your CPANEL and check at the referrer section.

Advertisements should not point to a page related directly or indirectly to porno, alcohol, racism, drug subculture, political propaganda, illicit copies of copyrighted materials and activities deemed illegal by US States and EU. Advertisements should not contain the stated items as well.

We prefer not to deal with sites or individuals with bad reviews in SCAM.com and IMREPORTCARD.com as well as those listed in SPAMHAUS.org.

Language : Preferably English language playing a major role in the Advert but can contain Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Persian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Russian and ASEAN languages.

For quotations, please email : azmanar [at] gmail dot com