6 Key Features To Overcome Panda and Penguin Updates

Thousands of IM’ers were hit by Panda update several months ago. Now thousands more got hit by the most recent Google update -Penguin.

What is PENGUIN update about?

This new algo update is directed by Google to 3 main things:

1. Webspam – Over-Optimized Pages, misused keywords and Keyword Stuffing using invisible text

2. Backlinking Schemes – Linking from blog networks with intent to game Google for higher ranking.

3. Duplicate Content – spun articles or syndicated articles not having links to the original sources or masters.

How come many were not hit?

These blogs and web sites gallantly rode the updates. After Penguin update was unleashed, they even enjoyed better rankings than ever.

After running through scores of articles, reviewing threads in forums and blog comments, I noticed 6 consistent features :

1) The blog or site owners have positive mindsets and are resilient.

When people were whining about unexpected poor results, their common responses would be:
– ” Whatever happened has happened. ”
– ” Let’s not dwell upon it. ”
– ” Let’s move forward. ”

To them, it is a matter of re-defining a new direction, re-setting goals, re-aligning steps and re-developing content.

2) Always have these in mind when developing content:

Put ourselves in the shoes of visitors. Do we actually like what we’re seeing and reading?

If we like it, they might like it. If we don’t like it, there is no reason for visitors to like it.

3) Niche Selection shouldn’t be based on POPULAR KEYWORDS.

Niche has to be based on 3 main points put together :
–> Which popular sites people are going to
–> Who are going to those sites, i.e. their demography
–> What are they looking for on those sites

4) A 10-pages niche site is NOT A NICHE SITE and not even a micro-niche. It is too poor to be RELEVANT even to 2nd-tier Search Engines. What then to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Always enrich and update the niche content with multiple formats – text, video, audio, products and free downloadables.

Having a List-building feature in each niche site will create a sense of authority and confidence to visitors. We can have a runaway success from one of it.

Have at least 100 pages in each site. The more the better. When all these pages get indexed, content relevancy increases to Search Engines, so is the domain name value.

5) They plan well ahead, monitor performance and do split-testing.

So, sit back 2 or 3 days and do a SWOT ( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats ) analysis on each type of income stream against our available resources :
–> Knowledge
–> Skills
–> Time
–> Money
–> Tools

Choose the most suitable ones we’re comfortable with. And choose Multiple Income Streams, where possible.

Don’t fall for the jeering crowds throwing around crap phrases such as Analysis Paralysis.

For every income stream we chose, do split-testing on different elements. Monitor results, see what works and choose the best one.

6) Over-reliance in Google Traffic is a big mistake.

Just because Google owns 60% of the US traffic does not mean we’ll get that traffic no matter how we optimize it.

Instead, get Multiple Traffic Streams – Free and Paid.

There are very cheap paid quality traffic on the internet. Some rather not share them as different people have different experience – some very bitter. Could trigger heated debates. So they avoided discussing.

So let me share the most common and free Multiple Traffic Streams, with very good backlinking value as well:
–> Yahoo Groups
–> Squidoo
–> Hubpages
–> Ezinearticles
–> Press Release
–> Sincere & Real Commenting on popular blogs.

For each article you syndicate in Articles Directories or Web2.0 sites, make sure you put links to the original source, i.e. to your website or blog.

You don’t have to trust my reviews. 

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Here’s a Penguin Dance Video for my visitors.

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