2 Types of Highly Influential People

In our lifetime, we may have interacted with thousands of people face-to-face. They could be our family, friends, peers at work or college and people at social or business functions. With the entrance of Social Media, we get connected with thousands more. Among online “friends”, many we may have never met before or never will.

2 Types of Highly influential peopleDuring the course of our interactions, together we share ideas, views, thoughts, beliefs and values. We may agree with some, reject some and feel neutral about some.

The more we engage in conversations with people we tend to agree with, the more powerful their influence have upon us. We are either persuaded consciously or subconsciously. As a result, we are constantly updating our mindset or the way we think. Our perception of things will change. Consequently, we will form different attitudes and behaviours as time past.

The pattern is invisible to us, yet crystal clear to others

We might not notice the changes in us but others will notice it. The way we talk, the things we talk about, our attitude, our actions or inactions will be noticeable by others.

Jim Rohn said, ” We are the average of 5 people we spend the most time with. “. It means, we will become alike people we surround ourselves with – in thinking, self-esteem, feeling and decisions. We can’t escape this effect.

We have a choice on the sort of people we want to surround with. Here are two types of highly influential people. Their traits are both very contagious :

  1. Positive people — they have good things to talk about, they are grateful, they talk about future plans, they don’t waste their time, they take actions, they busy themselves with what matters most, they love to learn new knowledge and skills, they are highly motivated, they pick themselves up after every failure and move forward.
  2. Negative people — they complain about almost everything, they talk bad about others, they busy themselves with petty matters, they love politics, they get angry or upset by many things, they watch TV a lot, they hate learning new things and dislike changes, they give up easily, blame others for failures and remain frustrated.

However, we are not here to judge anyone. We have the power to decide which direction we want to take, independently without compulsion. After deciding, it is our absolute personal responsibility for the outcome.

Our choice will have great impact on our future, either positively or negatively. So, choose wisely.

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