The First Step To Redesign Your Life – Version 2.0

Probably you’re familiar with the phrase, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”. It’s often mentioned by self-help gurus for the past few years. I’ve been ignoring it as just another cliche floating around that will die out. When I heard it again last week, it struck me. I had to stop and think. After some reflection from my past experience, it seems to make sense. “How you … Continue Reading

Negative Thoughts Eat Away Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

Have you ever experienced a sudden wave of negative thoughts entering your mind? Some of these thoughts then linger on, becoming unpleasant chatters in your mind for hours or days. Its like a built-in Radio Station broadcasting negative noises, audible only to you. Some incidents, news or conversations may have triggered the sudden surge. Or these thoughts are from your subconscious mind that have finally decided to make a lively … Continue Reading

2 Types of Highly Influential People

In our lifetime, we may have interacted with thousands of people face-to-face. They could be our family, friends, peers at work or college and people at social or business functions. With the entrance of Social Media, we get connected with thousands more. Among online “friends”, many we may have never met before or never will. During┬áthe course of our interactions, together we share ideas, views, thoughts, beliefs and values. We … Continue Reading

Is Business A Battlefield?

Some people proudly paraphrased Sun Tzu by saying “Business is a battlefield. Your competitors are your enemies.”. To me, paraphrasing what exactly Sun Tzu meant about war for marketing is rather misleading. Marketing is not war. It is competing for attention in the market. It is not about pushing your competitor to the ground and making him close shop. It is crude, selfish and heartless. The philosophy of “Marketing = … Continue Reading